2015 Shinoda Performance Exhaust X-pipe for Mustang GT

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On-road use 
Replaces factory resonator
Kit Includes:
1 Shinoda X Pipe
1 Hardware Installation Kit
 DANGER WARNING: Should the purchaser decide to install this exhaust product at home, be warned that pleasure car or light duty truck/van “bumper” jacks are intended for emergency use only. The use of frame contact jack stands in conjunction with a floor jack as main support is highly recommended to minimize accidental dropping of a vehicle while the installation proceeds.
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1) Support the vehicle in a safe manner, using a shop hoist or frame contact jack stands on a level surface. Disconnect the battery cable.
2) You will need to cut out the factory h-pipe/resonator. You may want to remove the entire exhaust. If so, you will need to remove, and re-attach, the o.e. hanger mounts just behind the rear differential and remove from the clamps in front of the resonator (you will need to reuse these clamps). Make your cuts, as shown below. We recommend using a reciprocating saw, cutoff wheel, or hacksaw. Hold up the new X-pipe, account for the tube that will slip fit into the front and rear of the new X-pipe, and mark the area to cut the o.e. pipe after the resonator, approximately 6” behind the welds on the rear of the factory resonator. Then make your cuts after double checking your measurements.
3) Slide the 2) Accuseal clamps over the X-pipe outlets prior to installation, do not tighten at this time, you will need to reuse the oe clamps for the front of the x-pipe.
 4) Adjust the X-pipe for the best chassis, suspension, and drive train clearance. Then position the Accuseal clamps into place and tighten. The accuseal clamps should be torqued to 35-45 ft. lbs., the front clamps 35 ft. lbs.
 5) Reconnect the battery cable, and start the vehicle and check for any exhaust leaks.
Forword any Questions to Info@TEamshinoda.com
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