2005-2021 Boss Shinoda

Certified Shinoda Cars 

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  Owner Badge # Color  Year State
  GEN IV 2005-2021        
  Jon Lesher BOS-05-Proto Redfire 05 FL
  Andy & Janet Maszaros  Bos-05-011 Torch Red 05 MD

 Bos-05-012  Decertified

Torch Red 05 NC


Yellow 05 PA
  Unknown   Bos-06-002 Redfire 06 IL
  Michael Cardozo  *BOS-06-003 Tungsten 06 MN
  Mark Nalley  Bos-06-004 Yellow 06 FL
  Jimmy Altman   Bos-06-005 Yellow 06 TX
  Main Grove Auto Brokers   Bos-06-006 Redfire 06 NY
  Available   Bos-07-001 White 07 NY
  Frank pietrewski  Bos-07-002 Orange 07 NY
  Robert Gordon  Bos-07-003 Blue 07 NY
  Ross Hensley  Bos-08-001 Black 08 OK
  Available  Bos-08-002 Orange 08 WI
  Gary L Staggs  Bos-08-003 Red 08 OH
  Vincent Colangelo  Bos-10-001 G Blue 10 FL
  Available  Bos-11-001 Black 11 NY
  Dave Snell  Bos-12-001 Black 12 CA
  Jack and Rebecca Clark  Boss-14-001 White    14    MO
  Legacy 2005-2021         
  Tammy Beloney Legacy 05-001 Yellow 05 FL
  Taylor Flocken  Legacy 05-002 Black 05 FL
  Lioyd and Stella Alford Legacy 05-003 Redfire 05 FL
  Steve and Becky Nolan(Available) Legacy 05-004 Sonic Blue 05 FL
  Jennifer Lesher Legacy 05-005 Black 05 FL
  Kim Sitton Legacy 05-006# Redfire 05 FL
  Charles E Mcgrew Legacy 05-007 Torch Red 05 WA
  Sharon Henderson Legacy 05-008 Redfire 05 GA
  Matt Sprague Legacy 05-008 Sonic Blue 05 FL
  Kris Otten Legacy 06-001 Black 06 NC
  No Longer Available  Legacy 06-002 Red 06 WI
  Denny Johanenson Legacy 06-003 Green 06 WI
  Scott Bentley Legacy 06-004 White 06 WI
  Rip & Deb Buchanan Legacy 06-005 Silver 06 NV
  Jonathan Pesavento Legacy 06-006 Black 06 FL
  Robby Kirkman Legacy 06-007 Mineral Grey 06 FL
  Mark Obermeyer Legacy 07-001 Orange 07 CO
  Marcus & Rita Fowler Legacy 08-001 Candy Apple Red 08 FL
  Ron and Yavonne Zimmerman Legacy-15-001 Grey    15    AL
  Ron and Yavonne Zimmerman Legacy-21-001 Yellow    
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